About the Exam

The CGMA Exam is an integrated, comprehensive strategic case study that will assess the competencies required in today’s business environment. CGMA candidates worldwide must pass the same capstone exam in order to become CGMA designation holders.

Exam format
The CGMA exam is unique in that it tests a candidate’s readiness to offer insights and make decisions in real-world business situations.

It tests a candidate’s theoretical knowledge, but more importantly tests the candidate’s ability to apply that knowledge in an open-ended format.

Candidates are given a data set and industry information about a hypothetical organization seven weeks in advance of their testing date.

Advance, or “pre-seen” material will be available to candidates up until the last day of the exam window.

During the three-hour exam, candidates will be presented with three to six tasks regarding the business case. The questions may bring forth new information or change the scenario to which the exam taker must adapt his or her answer. Each question must be answered fully in the allotted time, which is shown on the screen.

For more information about the exam, visit the exam section of CGMA.org.